Monday, May 18, 2009

Pamela's new cornbread mix is a hit!

Pamela's, which has long been one of my favorite companies because of their consistently good products, has done it again with a brilliant cornbread mix.  At first, I was worried because the mix looked very soupy, but it baked up into a marvelous cake-like cornbread.  I used their basic recipe and substituted agave syrup for sugar.

I served it to gluten-eaters and they liked it too.  In fact, we ended up using it as cake under some panna cotta that my friend had made with a strawberry syrup.  If you want a more savory version, there are suggestions on the package for adding jalapenos or cheese.  

This is another must-have for the pantry. I can't wait until it's available in stores.

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karen said...

Thanks for the heads up! We're very new to being gluten free and I was already starting to panic over the cornbread dishes I'm always asked to make for the holidays. I should have known Pamela's would save my sanity!