Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cupcake Confirmation - and a good GF outing

This is from the comments on the last cupcake post:

Lauren Melissari said...
French Meadow GF Yellow and Chocolate Cupcakes are sold at Central Market for $5.99!
I'll have to try one!

Also, I got this awesome post from blog reader Diane Shaw about a Gluten-Free Mother's day that went well.  I'm really impressed by their resourcefulness of calling ahead and warning the pizza place that they were bringing their own food.  I have shown up at restaurants with part or all of a meal, ordered a soda and a salad and tipped as if I have eaten a full meal and no one has ever been rude, but this sounds really nice.

My husband wanted to take us all out for Mother's Day, but we have the challenges of me being
a Celiac, 2 gluten intolerant daughters, one gluten intolerant grandchild and the rest can eat whatever they want. 

The other problem was everyone wanted to go to Grimaldis' Pizza at Watter's Creek in Allen for the atmosphere and the delectable pizza. 

We did the unthinkable and called and asked if our party of 10 came for dinner could we bring our homemade GF pizza for those who cannot eat their pizza. After a few minutes on hold
they said "Sure." 

We arrived 30 minutes later, they had our table ready and they were so gracious and kind to us. I think it is rare for a restaurant to allow you to bring food in and to be so kind about it. We will visit there again for sure.

Also, Cru wine bar at Watter's Creek was very aware of gluten issues as was PF Chang's. 

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CrackedBlossom said...

Hi Jen,
I am so excited about the cupcakes. I went last Saturday to Kozy Kitchen in Dallas for breakfast. They have gluten free bread that they make themselves that is wonderful. I can't tell that is gfree. The also had gluten free pancake on the menu and also gluten free desserts.
I can't wait to go there again.