Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Starbucks has Gluten-Free Valencia Orange Cake

A wonderful co-worker brought me one of Starbucks' new gluten-free Valencia Orange Cakes to sample today.  It is a light-tasting spongy cake with a definite citrus taste and slivered almonds sprinkled across the top.

At 290 calories for a treat the diameter of a tennis ball, I won't be getting it all the time.  But it's a fabulous option to have.  I had half of it today and will save the rest for later in the week.  Now we can feel like "normal" people and have *breakfast at Starbucks with our friends.

*A side note - I routinely bring gluten-free cereal to Starbucks when I meet my friends there for a meal and they have no problem selling me a cup of milk and a banana to eat with it.


H.Peter said...

Still not arrived in Calgary!

And we are patiently waiting, and waiting, and....

H.Peter said...

Guess what. Not coming to a Calgary Starbucks any time soon.
They are not sure IF they will get it.

What to do? Make your own!

Just Reen said...

Vote for GF options in Canadian Starbucks!