Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Emergency gluten-free rations - Valley Fresh chicken

I have been looking for gluten-free chicken in a pouch.  I have a friend who always has tuna or salmon in a pouch, but I just don't like eating anything that ever lived under water.  I recognized that that is very odd, but it is also true.

Anyway, I have been wishing for something similarly portable, gluten-free and versatile.  Valley Fresh's chicken actually says gluten free on it.  Several other brands contain modified food starch.

So, I plan to take this on road trips where I might have to dine at unexpected places.  I can always throw half a pouch on a salad with oil and vinegar and call it dinner.  If I have a cooler, I can save the rest for later.  Or do what my friend does and eat it along with fresh veggies and fruit that I bring with me.

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