Thursday, May 7, 2009

Raw food pie crust is gluten free

Most raw food recipes end up being gluten free.  I asked a friend for a reliable pie crust recipe and he sent me the following:

1 1/2 cups Raw Almonds
2 cups pitted dates

- Blend almonds until powder.
- Blend dates until buttery consistency.
- Combine dates and almonds in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.
- Press evenly in to a parchment-paper lined pie plate.

*It helps after preparing the recipe and whatever filling you are going to use if you refrigerate the pie for a few hours or freezer for about 45 minutes.*
I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds really good. I'll update when I've given it a go!  Let me know if any of you guys try it and tell me how it goes.

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Karina said...

Hi Jen! I'm new to gluten free/vegan cooking and baking, not for any reason other than I'm trying to be healthier. No celiac or anything. But I wanted to let you know that I tried a variation on your pie crust. I used 2 c. almonds (raw, not soaked or anything) and 1 cup of dates. I stuck it all in my cuisinart and ran it until it formed a ball. The crust ended up being somewhat chewy and the nuts never made a powder, but stayed in little bits, but it's super yummy. I made that the base for a vegan chocolate mousse pie (made with semi-sweet chocolate chips, vanilla, agave, soy milk and tofu) and it turned out really super! Even my hubby, a confirmed skeptic, liked it. So if you haven't tried the crust, do. It sounds like your version of the crust would be smoother, but mine is very easy and turned out delish!