Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tasty tweak of Gluten-Free Pantry cake mix

My co-worker, friend and fellow soldier in the war against wheat, Karla,  shared this idea with me.  In attempting to recreate a favorite family recipe, she recently bought a box of Gluten-Free Pantry white cake mix and tweaked it this way:

  • buttermilk in place of the liquid
  • real butter as the fat
  • and added a heaping tablespoon of brown sugar 
  • and two heaping tablespoons of cocoa.  She adds more cocoa might be better
  • Karla used a small cake ban of 9x9 or 8x8
This reminds me of a book which I had chucked as not gluten-free friendly - The Cake Mix Doctor.  Now I wonder if I should look for another copy and give it another try?

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Dana Wax said...

I similarly, but less less originally, tweaked a Pamela's cake mix a few weeks ago - and it turned out really well. I had thought about doing more, but I was afraid I'd mess it up.

So thanks for posting this and giving me the confidence to mess up all the cake mixes I want in the persuit of a perfect gf cake ;)