Friday, October 10, 2008

Finding Gluten-Free food at the fair

I was headed for a day at the Texas State Fair when my boyfriend asked, "what can you eat there?"  What, indeed, in the land of chicken-fried-bacon could I possibly find to eat?  At lunch time, we went to the food court and I was trapped in a sea of gluten.  However, I went from booth to booth picking foods I thought likely to be Gluten Free and asking if they were.  I struck out several times, but landed in Gluten-Free paradise at a stand selling caribbean-style food.  I have to say, my tasty bowl of black beans and rice accompanied by scrumptious baked plantains looked a lot better than my boyfriend's turkey leg.  

Some commonly* Gluten-Free festival foods are:
  • caramel apples
  • cotton candy
  • kettle corn
  • pop corn
  • grilled sweet corn
  • ice cream in a bowl
  • ribbon fries (Where they take a whole potato, slice it real thin and fry it.  Make sure they don't fry the funnel cakes in the same oil!)
  • taffy
  • peanut brittle
*Always double check.  You never know where some modified food starch or a dusting of flour might creep in.


Dana Wax said...

Oh darn, don't you just hate it when you *have* to eat carmel apples and cotton candy :)

there's always that one stand, isn't there? its amazing what you can happen upon when you actually try to find something gluten free friendly instead of settling on a bag of carrot sticks from home.

it sounds like you had a good time at the fair!

Jen Friedberg said...

You're so right. If you keep your eyes open, you can usually find something. Although, I admit I had two bananas in my bag just in case!

Haleyuns said...

You just made my day!! I am going to the fair tomorrow and I was not looking forward to another year of not being able to eat anything, so I decided to google it and here you are!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Jen Friedberg said...

I'm so glad you find my blog helpful! Don't forget to ask your own questions, though. I just suggested things likely to be safe. Each vendor could be different. Have fun!