Monday, October 6, 2008

Fuddruckers - New Gluten-Free Buffalo Burgers

Last night I was eating at the Fuddruckers in Bedford at 183 and Forest Ridge and saw their new Buffalo burger.  I was intrigued and asked some questions.  Turns out they don't use any filler in any of their burgers - including beef, turkey, salmon and Buffalo.  That was a fun find.  I ate that and a plain baked potato with A-1 sauce and had a very satisfying meal.  They also have an array of salads.  In the past, I've eaten their lemon chicken with great success.  I've never had a reaction after eating there.

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Monica said...

Thanks for your site! My brother & I have Celiac Disease with different reactions. We are always looking for restaurants with GF options. I stumbled upon your site today because my co-workers are celebrating a birthday lunch at Fuddruckers and I want to enjoy something other than a salad. I will be sure to check back with you in the future.
Thank you again.