Friday, March 20, 2009

Oat Matzo - Gluten-Free and Kosher for Passover

Passover is nearly upon us!  For those of you looking for gluten-free matzo or matzo meal, this is the site for you I had some of their sheet matzo last year and it tasted very similar to what I remember "traditional" matzo tasted like.  The only difference was it was a little more fragile.

I ordered mine delivered to my aunt's house and it was there within a matter of days, but I suspect that as we get closer to the holiday it might take longer so order soon.

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Amy said...

You can also order gluten-free matzah from a bakery in New Jersey. We have info on that, plus lots more on how to use Passover food in your gluten-free diet in a free, downloadable page on our website,