Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eating gluten-free at Outback Steakhouse

I had heard there was a decent gluten-free menu at Outback Steakhouse. I had a very satisfying dinner there just this past weekend and was very impressed with their service and attention to gluten-free detail. They remembered not to put the seasonings on my veggies, etc.

The menu is very detailed and includes mixed-drinks and miraculously some fabulous desserts including their infamous Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. Unfortunately, due to trying to be calorie conscious, I didn't sample it this time. If you're looking to splurge on your diet while staying gluten free, though, this is the place to go!


kelli said...

Hands down, by far, my favorite place to go. It made me laugh when I noticed there are no prices on the gluten free menu. My husband said it was because they knew I would pay a hundred dollars for a safe meal that tasted so good. And when it came, he was right. I did not care what it cost- I paid happily. :)

The chocolate thunder thing is pretty good, but it has way too many nuts for my taste.

H.Peter said...

In general we try to stay away from any franchise food establishments, as we feel that their focus is not so much on customer satifaction, as it is on business and revenue.
Nothing wrong with that, just not for everybody. Personally, NOT being a Celiac, I always did enjoy Outback, too bad they did nto make it here in Calgary.