Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nature's Path Gluten Free cereals

There was a recent report circulating that some of Nature's Path EnviroKidz cereals are not gluten free.  This is completely true.  I called their corporate office yesterday and found out that the entire EnviroKidz line was never supposed to be gluten free.  Certain of the products are and are appropriately labelled.

 The confusion came from Celiacs thinking that everything with the EnviroKidz label was gluten free and not realizing that kamut, one of the ingredients in some of the EnviroKidz cereals is a type of wheat.

I was most concerned that there had been some contamination issue, so I called to make sure my precious Nature's Path Organic Cornflakes were still safe - they are.  I eat them every morning, so it would be really upsetting if they had been glutened!

The company spokeswoman I talked to said they will be changing their packaging on products containing kamut and labeling the ingredient as "kamut - wheat" to avoid confusion in the future.

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