Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reese's peanut butter Filled hearts have gluten

I've mentioned before that I sometimes grab candy and eat it without thinking, but I'm getting better at this.  I narrowly avoided an encounter with a red-foil-covered Lindt ball that had some malted flavoring in it and yesterday I was dismayed to see the Reese's peanut butter filled hearts for Valentine's Day contain gluten.  So sad!  Still, better safe than sorry.


Amy said...

Hi Jen,
I haven't seen these yet. Like you, sorry if they have gluten! What is the offending ingredient?

Jen Friedberg said...

I think he label actually said wheat flour on it. I can't remember but it was something definitive. If I chance upon another pack, I'll write it down.

Jen said...

Yes, the offending ingredient is wheat flour. So sad!