Friday, January 2, 2009

Cafe Express - gourmet, gluten-free and fast

My friend suggested we eat at Cafe Express the other day and I readily agreed.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed their simple yet tasty food. I ordered my favorite, a piece of grilled chicken with pesto and a plain baked potato, but there are many gluten-free options available including a caesar salad, greek salad and lots more.

You control the condiments and most of their soups and dressings are made from scratch, so they can tell you exactly what's in everything.  Whenever I've had questions, they've done their best to answer them and I've never gotten sick there.  Click here to check out their menu.  They have several locations in the area including one at Mockingbird Station in Dallas and on at Southlake Town Square.

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Georgia Witbeck Thornhill said...

They so need a place like this in Austin