Monday, September 8, 2008

Eating Gluten Free at Sunflower Organic Dining in Boulder, CO

This past weekend, I was visiting Boulder and Estes Park in Colorado.  It was like a Celiac food vacation.  Most servers at restaurants were familiar with Gluten Intolerance.  When I told my breakfast server I couldn't have flour, he asked if I were a "Silly-Yak?"
The best meal by far was at Sunflower Organic Dining on Pearl Street in Boulder.  I know there are lots of other Gluten-friendly establishments, but this was a fine-dining experience where the staff was knowledgeable and I didn't feel weird asking for anything special.  My server knew what I could and couldn't have and steered me towards a delicious meal.
They didn't seem to have any special GF items like breads or cakes, but I felt 100% certain that what I was served was safe.  

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