Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eating at Pasand - a lot of Indian cuisine is Gluten Free

Eating at Pasand in Irving 2600 N. Beltline Road Irving, Texas 75062
is like taking a Gluten-Free taste vacation.  Most of the sauces and entrees are naturally gluten free including their scrumptious south-Indian delicacy the dosa (pictured here.)  Dosas are made from rice and a type of lentil called dal.  In the center is a flavorful potato-based filling.  The gluten intolerant can also enjoy most papadam - sort of like tortilla chips made out of lentils.  However, make sure they are not fried in oil where breaded items are fried as well.  Most of the dipping sauces, curries and many dishes are gluten-free-friendly as well.  I have not had problems with getting sick from cross-contamination at Pasand's weekend buffet - which includes dosas!

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