Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cypress Midnight Moon - Naturally Gluten-Free Cheese

OK, you might ask, what cheese isn't gluten free?  Well, there's the whole debate on Blue Cheese, which I hope to get to the bottom of.  The point is, this isn't just any cheese, it's my favorite cheese and it happens to be made from goat's milk - although it doesn't have any unpleasant tanginess - sorry, if I offend the goat-milk-cheese fans. 
In the Gluten Free diet it can be a challenge to find something tasty and not horrible for you.  Goat cheese is reportedly better for you than cow cheese.  No matter the health pros or cons, Cypress Grove's Midnight Moon is a cheese worth checking out.  I also like their cheddar.
You can order it online or buy it locally at Central Market in Fort Worth and Southlake or Market Street in Colleyville.  It might be available elsewhere, but these are places I've found it.

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