Friday, February 6, 2009

Ode to the natural foods section at the Kroger

OK, it's not really an ode.  Since I've been cutting back on expenses, I've been trying not to shop at so many specialty stores.  Surprisingly, the Kroger within walking distance to my house in Bedford at Central and Harwood has a fabulous natural foods section and I rarely have to go elsewhere.

I was initially miffed that they were reorganizing "my store," but after the renovations, I've  really grown to appreciate the fact that they've got all of the gluten-free and veggie items in one place.  It makes my shopping trips much faster.  Sometimes they even have samples of gluten-free items like nut thins and occasionally they have sales.  Which is more than I can say for many specialty stores.

So, I'm not sure if all Krogers are like this, I rarely stray from the one near me, but you guys in the area might want to check this one out!


rachelizabeth said...

I second your thoughts about Kroger! My son was diagnosed with wheat allergies in December. I have always shopped at Kroger and was so thrilled to find so many wheat alternatives! I went to some other stores in the area and there was not much of anything at all. I now look forward to finding things he CAN eat instead of worrying about what he can't!

MommaLlama said...

I agree. Kroger has become my home away from home... even though I have travel a much further distance to a location!