Monday, February 2, 2009

Ack, I got glutened

To be sociable, I went out to a cajun restaurant called Shuck N Jive in Dallas.  I did my normal interrogation of the waitress and we negotiated down to grilled chicken on iceberg lettuce with italian dressing that they swore contained no modified food starch.

In no way do I blame the restaurant for accidentally poisoning me.  I made the choice to eat at a place that specializes in fried foods and cuisine that is routinely dredged in flour.

Still, 20 minutes later, my stomach was making ominous gurgling noises that I couldn't cover up.  Luckily, I'd only eaten half of my food so it wasn't severe.  I don't know if the gluten was in seasoning on the chicken - no one ever really believes you want plain chicken because that's gross - or there was cross-contamination, but there was definitely something glutinous involved.  

I'm not sure what the answer is - never eat out? Never try new places?  What do you guys think? Clearly, getting poisoned is not a good way to make new friends so being sociable is not a good reason to take gluten risks.

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H.Peter said...

Since moving back to Canada, we cut back on eating out. In the US we hardly ever went to any franchise restos.

In general we stuck to either owner operated places or higher end restaurants.
In the smaller joints they were willing to listen and make things right and the higher end establishements were afraid of allergy issues....

I find the middle of the run places the most risky, due to indifference by management and staff.