Monday, December 8, 2008

Gluten-Free Food Scare

Here's a little more information on the food that was marked gluten free, but wasn't. Scary stuff.  This is from Gluten-Free Living. 

The recent Chicago Tribune stories about gluten in products labeled "gluten free" probably left you wondering how safe the food in your pantry really is.

It was unnerving to read in one story that Wellshire Farms chicken bites, and chicken and beef corn dogs that were labeled "gluten free" were independently tested and found to contain anywhere from 200 to 2,200 parts per million of gluten.

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Amy said...

Hi Jen,
It's good to see the word spreading about some of the problems with the gluten free label. It's so important to people following the diet and we have to be able to trust it. Hopefully that will happen when the FDA finally gets off its duff and approves a definition.