Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Even small gestures make Celiacs feel welcome

My aunt outdid herself as always this Passover - providing me with gluten-free versions of some foods and making sure there was at least one gluten-free dessert on hand.  One of my friends, while not a Celiac, has some eating restrictions of her own.  She recently went to an Easter celebration where no one had made any effort to cater to her needs.

I certainly don't expect people to have a complete gluten-free meal waiting for me, but when they make the effort, I definitely feel cared for and loved.  What I'm saying is, if you're not a Celiac and you invite someone over who is gluten free, even if you just have some fresh fruit on hand, the gesture will be appreciated.

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Monkey Momma said...

AMEN! It's very frustrating when someone who knows you and your restrictions well, invites you to dinner and there is NOTHING to eat. Been there. My poor MIL fixed a beautiful meal once and there was nothing for me to eat. She was embarrassed at the oversite and I was starving (and pouting - ha).

I agree...any little gesture to me is appreciated SO much!