Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cadbury creme eggs are gluten-free!

Someone more GF savvy than I, Elizabeth Barbone, noticed that I had the facts wrong in one of my posts.  I said that Cadbury creme eggs are not gluten free because they had glucose syrup from wheat in them.  According to Gluten-Free Living, even if the glucose syrup comes from wheat, by the time it is processed it doesn't contain gluten any more. Hello, tasty morsels!
Hello! I stumbled across your blog. I just wanted you to know that glucose syrup *is* gluten-free, even if it comes from wheat.

Shelley Case has a section about this in her book, Gluten-Free Diet. And here is a link from "Gluten-Free Living": http://www.glutenfreeliving.com/ingredient.php#glucosesyrup


Elizabeth Barbone said...

Thanks for posting an update!

Also, I have a quick question for you. Whenever you have a moment, could you pop me an e-mail?

My e-mail address is info@glutenfreebaking.com.

Thanks. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Haleyuns said...

You have NO IDEA how happy you just made me!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Amy said...

At Gluten-Free Living we've looked into ingredients like glucose syrup from wheat several times. Scientists have told us it is such a highly processed and purified ingredient that the source of the starch does not matter. Even if you see glucose syrup derived from wheat on a label, it is still gluten free.
There are other ingredients that also fall into this category, including maltodextrin and citric acid.
For lots of information on ingredients you can go to our website, www.glutenfreeliving.com and click on ingredients.

Hope this helps.

thewholegang said...

Wow, this is wonderful news. I bet they're all on sale now. Off to the store to snatch them all!