Monday, June 22, 2009

Boston's Gourmet Pizza - Gluten-free crust

I finally got around to trying Boston's version of the gluten-free pizza. As compared to Uno's it's got its plusses and minuses.
  • Boston's is in Grapevine and possibly may be closer or more convenient to you.
  • Boston's does deliver - I'm not sure how far.
  • Boston's will put any toppings you ask for on the GF crust, but I didn't ask what precautions they take to make sure they are gluten-free. I ordered the hawaiian pizza and the pinapple appeared canned.
  • Uno's cheese and sauce were far more flavorful and their pineapple was fresh. (I'm a pineapple fiend.)
  • Boston's crust was much thinner and crisper, which was quite nice.
  • Uno's was tastier overall, but the toppings were more limited.
  • Both restaurants only offer the pizza in one size for about the same price.

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Christine said...

I have been seeing Boston's gf pizza everywhere... but when I went there today I was told that their gluten free pizza was baked in the same oven as their regular pizzas..I am very sensitive to gluten and cannot have cross contamination. Do you know if it differs from city to city?